Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Taking your studio on location

Okay, so working in a studio is great because you're photographing your subjects in a controlled environment, right? But what happens if you need to take photos on location?

This often happens to me, as someone who also works at a local newspaper company. Some photographers for newspapers would just use on-camera flash to light their subject. Some would have a flash unit attached to the hotshoe on their camera for better lighting by means of bouncing it off the ceiling and onto the subject. I used to do that as well... and in some functions I just can't run away from the fact that I have to settle on using a flash unit and bouncing it off the ceiling to light up my subject. But I HATE to settle on just using that because the result can often be flat. I just hate it.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Divine skies

A cloud formation almost resembling a cross.
Okay, never mind why I picked the title "Divine skies". I was on assignment for a newspaper article having to do with Good Friday, which was observed by Christians here in Malaysia on... well... Friday, April 22.
The article talked about what Good Friday basically is and what the local churches are doing in conjunction with this, and Easter Sunday two days after.
After meeting up with my co-worker at the Sarawak Club here in Kuching (and admiring her uncle's gorgeous silver-coloured Bentley Continental GT), we walked downhill to St Joseph's Cathedral for a look-see, hoping to get some shots for the story. It was 3pm on a sizzling hot Friday afternoon at the time, and yes, we were sweating away like it was nobody's business! If not considering how packed the church parking was, we wouldn't have parked our cars at the Sarawak Club parking space. But no biggie...

Friday, October 8, 2010

October Feasting

Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching is having its gourmet promotions for the month of October, featuring a wide and exciting array of dishes in a number of food promotions you wouldn't wanna miss. Exquisite ingredients are used and a multitude of colours are present in each dish that comes out of the kitchens of the various eating outlets at the hotel, making for a truly exciting dining experience, all for food lovers to enjoy this month! Anyways, following are photos of just some of the exciting dishes that will be served this month at Grand Margherita Hotel in Kuching City. Want to know more? Check out the hotel's Facebook page or visit its website. In the meantime, enjoy some more of the photos we have here in this post... - Mark

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Dolce Experience

It certainly was a Dolce experience for those who turned up at the launching of exciting food products distributed by Kuala Lumpur-based food service company Dolce Food Services Sdn Bhd.
The simple launching ceremony was done at a vibrant Italian restaurant Delucca, located at One Residence, behind Hotel Istana in Kuala Lumpur, and Zenith was appointed to “capture the moments” during the launch.
Click on the “Read More” button below to see more photos from the event.
And if you want to know more about Dolce Food Services Sdn Bhd and what it offers, check out its website or see what's new in the company's blog.
Cheers! - Frank

Monday, September 27, 2010

Zenith PhotoCourse

Part 3: Mode Dial
Frank explains the Mode Dial on your DSLR in this third part of our Zenith PhotoCourse

Welcome back to Zenith PhotoCourse. We do apologise first and foremost for the “long pause” of our course, as Mark and I have been busy with our assignments over the past few weeks. But let’s not get into that, shall we?
Right… let’s get on with our course then...

A typical Mode Dial on a DSLR.
First-time DSLR users will naturally shoot using ‘Auto’ mode on the mode dial (for those who don’t know what a mode dial is, it’s the large circular dial at the top left or top right of a DSLR, depending on the model or make of course).